• Rectangular Tray

Rectangular Tray


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Design: Livia Lauber

Rectangular Tray from Vaarnii by Livia Lauber is crafted with the greatest attention to detail in solid pine wood. The Tray considered details such as a small gap beneath the edge to allow easy lifting and a softened edge to make the trays comfortable in the hand. Comes in a squared and rectangular version.

L54 x W32,5

FSC Certified Pine Wood

All Vaarnii indoor products are made of Finnish PEFC certified pine (pinus sylvestris) and use Osmo Color hardwax-oil 3062 matt for surfacetreatment.

Products will start reacting with UV light very quickly once unboxed and start changing colour towards a beautiful honey tone.
Always wipe the surface of your product clean and dry of any liquids as soon as possible. Clean the surfaces regularly with a damp clothand organic soap.For general cleaning, wipe your product regularly using a soft cloth dampened with a solution of water and neutral detergent. Keepchemical exposure to a minimum. Dry the surface after wiping to eliminate any remaining moisture but avoid rubbing.
To keep your product in good condition you can clean it gently with the finest abrasive sanding cloth once every two years. After cleaningtreat the product with Osmo Color hardwax-oil 3062 matt. Let the wax impregnate for 15mins and wipe the rest off. Use a clean cloth tofinish and polish the surface.